Phone: 9174079233 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:30pm

                         The way it works!

Our number one priority is providing the customer with convenience and quality.

Contact us with your request of the furniture that needs our service and then provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.

Depending on your LOCATION we can schedule a day to pick-up the furniture and bring it to our workplace or work on the furniture at your home.  

We provide free estimates through our number or email.

We are located 1 mile south from Dadeland Mall in Miami

F R E E     E S T I M A T E S 


     - -LACQUER                                                             - CANE                                                                            --REFINISH

    -FRAMES                                     - LEATHER                                     - CERAMICS                                                 
   -CARVING                                -GILDING                                   -WAXING

      -SELLING COLLECTION PIECES                                 - FRENCH  POLISH  BY  HAND